Monday, July 11, 2016

Spotted: Sleeptern III - Will They Ever Learn?

I work for a Congressman and we allow each intern to have a shadow day with the Member, they get to sit in on meetings and go to lunch, basically everything but going to the floor to vote.

Let me paint you this winning moment:

The Congressman is in a meeting with a group from the district, I am sitting behind the boss, and the intern is sitting next to me. 

The boss is known to turn his head and ask questions to staff in meetings which forces us to always be ready for any question.

I just happen look in the intern's direction to see he has decided it was a good time to TAKE A FREAKING NAP.

All I could think is that the boss is going to turn to me and ask a question and see Sleeptern so I hit the kid in the arm to wake him up, and spent the rest of the meeting watching him.

After the meeting, he was told to get some coffee and not to come back until Monday.