Monday, July 18, 2016

Spotted: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Internship!

At 11:45 am on a rainy day in the middle of a staff meeting, one of our interns jumped up and announced that he was late for a lunch meeting and proceeded to run out the door.  

Later that afternoon around 1:30 pm I looked for the intern but couldn't find him, I figured he must be back and just elsewhere in the office.  Around 2:00 pm our building alarm started blaring.  Confused, a few of us ran down the stairs to see what was going on and deactivate the alarm. It was then that we saw a sight that we never expected: the missing intern was standing in the doorway, shirtless, trying to turn the alarm off. 

It was a rainy day, who doesn't take off their shirt at work after getting soaked in a downpour? After all you wouldn't want to get the office wet, during your first week on the job!  Later, we found a wet pair of shoes near the copier, it was a good thing he took them off, I'm sure he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself with squeaky shoes in the hallways after an entrance like that!