Thursday, June 02, 2016

Spotted: mi cab es su cab #tbt

Editor Note:  We're posting a favorite #tbt to kick off the blog this summer.  You'll notice this was pre-Uber, pre-cabs taking credit cards in DC, and back in the red badge of courage days.

I live in Eastern Market and intern at a Department very near the Hill. This morning it was raining and I woke up late. I decided to call for a cab. I waited for a fair amount of time for the cab and eventually had to call my supervisor to let her know I was likely going to be 5-10 minutes late, just to cover myself. The cab ended up getting there just in time for me to arrive at my meeting on time.

The cab started on its way and was stopped at a stoplight. I'm checking my email and reading the news, when a loud knock scares me. The cabbie and I look up to see a young female intern knocking on the door to the cab in the rain. The driver tells her he's occupied, but then...drumroll please, the intern flashed her red badge of courage, pulled the "I work for such and such Senator line", and then proceeded to reach through the window, unlock the door, and hop in. She kept on saying over and over again how grateful her Senator would be to us for getting her there on time and without wet hair. Though shocked at her behavior, I made polite small talk with her. After finding out she was from Connecticut, I mentioned to her that I was from Missouri. She so wisely informed me that "there was nothing important between the coasts," and that I should never go back home. As if it couldn't get any worse, she got out of the cab without paying, stating that all she had was a debit card. I had specifically called a company that took cards because that was all I had too. The driver mentioned this to her, but she just slammed the door and skipped merrily away. The driver offered a discount to me, but the Midwesterner in me wouldn't allow it. I hope she made it safe and dry to her Senator's office, and gains some Midwestern values and common sense along the way.