Monday, June 13, 2016

Heard: Been There, Done That

I work at an off-Hill non-profit.  Today I spoke in our weekly department meeting about the plans for an upcoming after-hours Capitol tour hosted by a Member of Congress and that the plans seemed to be coming along well.  Some older donors are attending so accessibility and walking long distances was an issue of importance and concern.  Having paid my dues and been a (non-obnoxious) Hill intern back in my day, I was familiar with the tour process and explained how it would work.   

After the meeting, our intern let me know he knows all about Capitol tours because he was once (wait for it…) a Capitol Hill intern!!  He then started giving me some of the details of a Capitol tour.  As he was talking, I realized he was not an intern in a Member office, but was a red coat based on his tour details.  But, I let him say his piece, and then replied, "Cool. It was like that when I interned too! Thanks for the tips!"

He just stared back at me, shocked that anyone on staff (of a Washington, DC non-profit) would have Capitol Hill experience!