Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heard: Jessica and Harvey Would Not Approve

This summer's interns have a habit of not working, and not asking for work - but today's incident takes the cake.  The intern on back office duty apparently spent several hours watching TV on the couch in the main office (read: not the back office).  She eventually went back to her desk, and foolishly I assumed she decided to work.  She reappeared 10 minutes before the day was over, burst into the main office and announced, "so I watched an episode of Suits..."  I calmly responded, "At work."  She replied, "oh don't worry I was reading some articles at the same time."  "At work," I repeated, only for her to roll her eyes and finish rehashing the episode.  Thank goodness I'm not the intern coordinator, though I wish I were so I could write an award-winning reference for her someday.  

She's definitely no Mike Ross.