Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Spotted: John Hancock, the Intern

Today, I had to collect 20 signatures on a letter, all throughout the House side office buildings.  I entered the second-to-last office to ask for a signature.  The person at the front desk pulled out a felt tip pen and signed it right away.  I was surprised at the quickness, but I thought he must have been a designated staff member to sign letters.  I left the office and was walking down the hallway when the front desk staffer walked out and stopped me.  Only then did I see the green badge.  He said “Wait, did you need the Congressman’s signature on that letter?”  I said “Yeah…” - I mean, of course I needed the Congressman’s signature. He then said “Oh sorry, I signed my own name.”  I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds and then went back to my office and had the page reprinted.  

I had to go around and get nine signatures again because an intern signed his own name on an official letter.