Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome Back: The 2014 Intern Season has Commenced!

Happy 2014 Intern Season!  We're excited to celebrate the beginning of our sixth summer with you.  Welcome back to all our loyal followers and welcome new followers and new interns.  We will continue our partnerships this summer, so check back often for promo codes and other opportunities.  As always, we value the anonymity of submissions and our team.  We invite you to share stories as you encounter the newest batch of DC Summer Interns. 

To our newest interns:  Be polite, know your place, and you will make it through unscathed. Drop your attitude and get the most out of your internship – in the role in which it is defined. Our most sincere congratulations on your internship, we hope you enjoy your summer in DC.  But, heed our warnings and follow our advice. Those of you who do not – we look forward to sharing stories of your drunken evenings, your conspicuously placed badge on a non-work day (or after working hours), your obnoxious banter on the metro, and your inappropriate clothing choices (ladies, a solid rule of thumb:  please fingertip test those skirts and be cognizant of the height of the vent in the back). 

For many interns, this blog will not apply. For those interns to whom it does apply, we hope that you use these anecdotes to change your behavior and, eventually, change the stigma attached to DC interns.  

Welcome to DC!