Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heard: Oh, Why Not?

Our newest intern is full of great one-liners, including, "oh, I'm going to stalk him" (referring to a high-ranking Congressman) and "why do we have to give tours?" However, his comment today really took the cake.

Our front office is always busy, as most offices are. All of the doors in our office also open to the very same front office, and you can hear just about everything. While in session, in the middle of the day, said intern plopped down on our seating area in the front office, and proceeded to begin opening video snapchats with his volume turned on, high.

After hearing the sound of college kids obviously drunkenly yelling and a few swear words, I kindly went up to him and said, "please don't watch those right now." He looked at me, the video still playing and said, "oh, why not?"

Let intern season begin, ladies and gentlemen.