Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heard: It Was Totally Dreadlocked

I recently overheard this story while waiting for the metro.  Two green badge sporting ladies were talking loudly, neglecting to take their bedazzled earbuds out.
Intern 1: Can't believe I'm late again, second time this week.  Coordinator's gonna scream.
Intern 2: Did you call her? 
Intern 1: Nah, I'll just tell her I couldn't drive and use my phone at the same time.  Illegal, you know. 

(Keep in mind, she's waiting for the metro.)

Intern 2: She doesn't know that you don't even have a car?
Intern 1: Nope.  I'll say traffic was dreadlocked this morning.
Intern 2 turns her head, to make sure she heard correctly I assume.
Intern 2: Did you say...traffic was..."dreadlocked?"
Intern 1: Yeah, you know, all snarled and crazy.
This put me in the best mood all day.