Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Heard: I Read Everything.

A few weeks ago I was riding the metro and heard someone talking about the committee on which my boss sits.  Naturally, I was curious so I started to listen a little more carefully to these two young ladies.  Girl #1 is asking Girl #2 what her job is like.  Girl #2 says that her jobs is great, she "basically works for the committee."  Girl #1 says "oh, I didn't know you worked for the committee."  Girl #2 replies with: "well, I don't really, I work in the personal office, but I work with the committee staff all day long."  Girl #1 naturally asked her what she does for the committee staff.  Girl #2 replies with "well, I read everything [insert ranking member of prominent committee's name] reads before he does.  so my position is definitely important."  At this point, I'm wondering who reads everything a congressman reads before he does, especially someone who is so clearly bragging about it.  I turn around and, sure enough, green badges galore!  Sounds like girl #2 might be embellishing just a tad.