Monday, August 19, 2013

Spotted: "Relatively Successful" With My "Womrk"

I work for a federal agency with a summer intern program.  One week I noticed my intern was watching TV on his work computer.  After he turned in sub-par work, I mentioned that I did not expect him to be perfect, but I did expect better work if he had time to watch TV.  I was willing to let it go; he, apparently, was not. 

I came in to an e-mail from him, sent on a Saturday to a coworker, my boss (who I did not tell about the TV incident because I didn’t want to elevate the issue), and me. Here is the e-mail (please note grammar and spelling errors have not been corrected):

"Happy Saturday, everyone!

On Friday I had a conversation with [supervisor] where my work on the weekly report and she noted that it should have been superior work given that I was watching stuff online one day.

I'm not writing to defend my womrk on the report, I agree with the point she made. I'm writing to give broader context to the situation.

I was given permission to, in my down time, work on this paper I have due...My process for writing papers has always been one where I have a movie/TV show on in the background while I work. It helps with my writing to stop sometimes and watch the video and then go back to see what I wrote made sense. It's a process I've been relatively successful with given the grades I've received on my work. However, I will refrain from this process in the office going forward.

At the same time, the larger point was taken. I just wanted to provide a little context and mount a small defense.



Ohhhhh I see!  Watching TV helps you with non-work related assignments. And you've gotten As on all your papers because of the TV watching.  I wish you had told me sooner!  By all means, please continue...