Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spotted: Presumptuous Intern, Courtesy of @HuffPostDC

A plea for funds from a future unpaid intern in Majority Leader Reid's Office:

My name is Jessica Padron and I am currently a young leader in my community that has been involved since the age of 14 when I got my first job at the Richarson campaign office. I have now built up much experience through these 6 years of hard work and dedication to building my community. I am looking forward to continuing my growth in politics and would like to seize this opportunity to work as an up and coming female leader in a Congressional office that has reached out to me in recognition of my accomplishments thus far. I am the FIRST and ONLY member of my family to attend a university and hope to graduate with not only a degree, but great experiences such as this. I am a proud UNLV rebel and proud Nevadan who wants to have the chance to reach my potential. I was selected out of thousands of students across the country who applied for a chance to work with a Senator to be mentored and learn how to help shape policy. Having been recognized as a great Latina leader through my work, involvement in multiple political groups, and several classes to finish my degree in International Relations and Foreign Affairs is a great honor that I take seriously.

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Note from the Editors:  We included names because this was published by Huffington Post.