Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spotted: If Only He Used the Bend-and-Snap!

Last week our DC office had to ship a couple of packages to our district office.  We placed the packages out front and told our intern to make sure that when the UPS guy came he took them.  The intern said no problem, he would make sure the UPS guy got them. 

I had to leave early that day, before the UPS guy did his rounds to pick up the packages. When I arrived the next morning ... well, what a sight to behold!  That very same intern was at the front desk opening up the very same boxes.  Not only did he not make sure they were shipped in a timely fashion, but he forgot they existed, neglected to read the ship slip, and assumed they were newly delivered packages to our office.  

Perhaps if he had used the bend-and-snap (works every time!) the evening before, the UPS guy would have picked them up.