Friday, August 09, 2013

Heard: Glamorous ... oh the Flossy Flossy

My organization runs a very comprehensive internship program, where our interns are given substantive work to support our mission.  Within my office, there are several interns on different teams.  One intern, on another team, is extremely interested in the work that my team does and expressed her interest in switching to my team. Apparently, she has been bored with her team, and is not interested in the projects she is given.  

With that in mind, last week I invited her to a meeting with several experts in our field, thinking that it would be an interesting opportunity for her to be involved in something she enjoyed.  Her response?  "Oh, I won't be able to attend.  I am meeting up with some other interns to go to McFadden's.  One of them won a happy hour, and I need time to 'glam up.'" 

She never thanked me, and continued talking to another team member about the antics she was going to engage in at McFadden's.  Mind you, the meeting I invited her to was at 3:00 pm

Today, she was back to complaining about not being involved with anything interesting.  I absolutely do not feel bad for her.