Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spotted: Naptern

So apparently this long three-week session has gotten to our interns - particularly the intern whose desk is right inside the front door.  We are a little short staffed, so this intern was instructed to answer the phone on the first ring.  When he failed to do so (and another staffer answered the phone),  I got up to see why he didn't answer the phone.  To my utter shock, he was sleeping.  He was laying his head on his arm, napping peacefully on his desk.  It wasn't like he accidentally fell asleep, this was orchestrated.  

He wakes up a few seconds later and leaves the office.  I'm standing there dumbfounded and trying not to laugh.  He walks back in like nothing had happened.  Our conversation went as follows:

Me:  I think you should go ahead and go home for the day.
Intern:  Yea, it's been dead here.
Me:  Well yes, and you fell asleep.
Intern:  Yea, but it was only for two seconds.
Me:  Well this is your place of work, do you think that's okay?
Intern:  Well it was only for two seconds, it's like not like I was sleep for two hours.  I only missed one phone call.
Me:  Yea, I think it's best you go home for the day.

Rough life.