Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spotted: Maybe She Should Join the Green Party

Last week I was at an event at Hill Country's Boot Bar when a drunk girl (we'll call her #1) stumbled down the stairs to use the restroom around 6 p.m.  She was screaming obscenities about the political party opposite hers at every person she passed and was screaming inappropriately about members of her own political party (of which I happen to be a member). 

Her less drunk, but equally rude, friend ponied up to somebody and figured out that perhaps they were unwelcome downstairs, and probably looked around and realized who was there and immediately started hushing #1.  #1 screamed that it was her birthday, and announced that she was the president of her college political organization, and an intern for a somewhat well known Member of Congress and therefore could do whatever she wanted and "dared" somebody to try and kick her out. I'm not sure if #2 got the hint, or if they were told to get lost, but it was a sight.  I later saw #1 being dragged out by #2 and another girl, unable to walk, and still screaming at every person she saw. 

Classy, ladies.  Classy.