Monday, July 08, 2013

Heard: Internship Virgin

I am an intern and after discovering this blog I have done everything in my power to NOT be like the interns about whom I read daily.  The other day I experienced a classic "overheard on the metro" conversation.  I won't give much background, but I will say that they were quite loud, and of course, flashing those shiny green badges.

Male Intern 1:  Yeah, this is my first internship ever, I'm lucky it's on the Hill.
Female Intern 2:  Awww it's like you're an internship virgin!!! 
Male Intern 1:  Yeah.  Pretty Much.  I end internship X on July 3rd, but start internship Y after July 4th.
Female Intern 2:  Ohhh so it's like a twosome!!!

First off, if that was supposed to be a sexual innuendo, gross.  Second, as a universal piece of advice to every intern, please stop name dropping your offices.  Or don't ... because then we wouldn't have this wonderful blog.