Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heard: Important Friday Afternoon Hearing

It is 3:00pm on a Friday and there are two green-badge wearing interns standing in line at Starbucks on the House side. The male intern’s phone rings, he pulls it out, turns to the female intern and asks, “So do you think I should answer this?”

He decides to answer - good choice given that it was his office inquiring as to his whereabouts.

His response, “I’m heading to another committee hearing” and proceeds to quickly finish the conversation. He then explains to the female intern, “When they start asking what committee hearing I’m going to I just hang up.”

At 3:00pm on a Friday it is perfectly reasonable for an intern coordinator to ask their intern what committee hearing they’re attending. Particularly since every Member of Congress is probably already on an airplane heading back to their home district. 

My advice: if you want to get coffee with a friend, just tell your supervisor.  

Some free relationship advice: lying to impress a girl is not recommended.