Monday, July 01, 2013

Heard: Don't Worry, I Intern for the Senate

I currently intern in the Senate.  A couple of weeks ago, I was standing in the security line in the Capitol Building to watch a Senate floor vote.  The female intern in front of me was having a great time flirting with the Capitol Police officer ... understandable because most of the Capitol Police are young, cute, and really nice.

Well, the intern was so distracted by the officer that she forgot to take her water bottle out of her purse before putting it through the scanner.  The machine caught it, and the officer commented that he had to check her bag.  To everyone's shock, the girl joked, quite loudly,  "oops! I forgot to take my BOMB out!!"

To the intern:  we are in our twenties.  We have all been through airport security enough times to know that bomb jokes are both inappropriate and unacceptable. 

The officer immediately stopped smiling.  But being a nice guy, all he said was, "that's something that we do not joke about in this business. Ever."  To which the intern smartly responded, "Oh, don't worry, I intern for the Senate. I obviously would never carry a bomb with me."