Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spotted: This Intern's on Fire

One of our staffers gives the very confident, first day intern the task of running down to FedEx a document back to the district, a task that should take mere minutes.  You know, he wanted the intern to have an easy first task, one he couldn’t mess up.  Well, two hours later, someone finally realizes that he never returned.  Call him, phones off.  Call the FedEx, never arrived.  A staff member after another half hour even resorts to leaving the office and driving around the Hill to see if they can spot him, no luck.  Great, we lost the intern on his first day.

At the end of the day he finally shows up, drenched in sweat, but in oddly high spirits. It turns out he walked miles in search of a FedEx (while there was one just a few blocks away), ended up in a far off neighborhood at a closed down FedEx, decided to take the metro back and on his way the train caught on fire, leading him to have to run out of the smoke filled metro and walk the long way back (all without giving anyone an update and phone off).  Honestly, the only thing everyone in the office could do was shake their heads and laugh, unbelievable.  But don’t worry, the intern’s confidence is still very much intact.  

Editor's Note:  We're not entirely sure the intern was being honest because we were unable to find record of a metro fire recently in DC ...