Monday, June 03, 2013

Heard: South Dirksen, West Hart, and East Russell?

I got on an elevator in the Hart Building this morning with an intern who was giving a tour to [likely] constituents.  An older gentleman in the group asked the intern what "SD" stood for because their stop after Hart was at SD-XXX.  The intern proudly boasted "It stands for South Dirksen!"  I nearly snorted coffee out my nose, smiled and replied "No, it stands for Senate Dirksen as in Senate Dirksen Office Building--which is the building directly next to,  and connected to, this building."  Not to be outdone, the intern smirked and said "I don't think so because, remember, we also have "WH" which means West Hart."  I nearly choked on that one, but again smiled and said "No, "WH" stands for White House."  Trust me on that one--I've been here a few more decades than you.