Monday, June 17, 2013

Heard: Picture-Perfect Resume

Last week, I was on the metro and a gaggle of interns got aboard.  After forcing the door open several times to get the rest of their buddies on the train, we got moving.  A few of the interns were chatting about getting jobs on the Hill once they graduate:

Intern 1: "I heard that you shouldn't put any political experience on your resume."
Intern 2: "You should put everything related to [Political Party] on your resume.  In fact, you should put down that you're good family friends with [Well-Known Governor]."
Intern 1: "That's a great idea, I'm also going to attach a picture of us together last Thanksgiving."

They definitely were not joking.  This was a serious conversation.  I'm sure attaching a photo to your resume will really help you out.