Friday, June 28, 2013

Heard: Don't Worry 'Bout It

Last Monday I asked our intern Fabio* if he could go to the Majority Whip briefing to take notes since I had a meeting that conflicted with the briefing.  Without hesitation he said yes.

My meeting came, and I took them into the Congressman's office to meet.  After my meeting I was walking back to my desk when the scheduler called me over and asked, "Hey, where did you send Fabio?"  I told the scheduler that I sent him to take notes at the Majority Whip briefing, and proceeded to ask why.  The scheduler replied, "Well, he left without his notebook, any paper or his phone, so I'm not sure what kind of notes he'll be taking."

Several minutes later Fabio came back into the office. "Hey Fabio," I called, "would you mind typing up the notes you took and e-mail them to me?"

Fabio looked over at me puzzled, "Email you notes, what notes?"

"Well, the notes that I told you to go take at the Majority Whip briefing," I said.

"Oh, don't worry 'bout it. If you have any questions just ask me, I can answer it for you," he said and put his headphones in.

Lesson learned: #DontSendFabioToTakeNotes

*Clearly, Fabio is a fictional name.