Saturday, June 01, 2013

Heard: Culling the Herd

On her first day in the office our intern told me that her job was too administrative and that what she really wanted to do was write health care policy. This was news to me since she had said in her interview that she was really excited to work in my division, a foundation at a trade association, which has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare and is technically a non-profit (therefore no policy/lobbying allowed). Looking disgruntled, she informed me that she would be looking for another internship. She was happy to keep this one, but the other internship would be her priority and she would need her hours cut in half.

I sent her away to work on the day's projects and went to go talk with HR since this was so obviously not working out. While I was with HR, the intern marched into the executive director of the division's office and started complaining about the job and how administrative it was. My boss was really taken aback by how brazen this girl was and told her that every internship in DC was going to be administrative, that people with 3/4 of a bachelor's degree did not make health care policy decisions, and that she should be happy she had an internship at all, especially a paying one. 

By the end of the day she hadn't finished any of the projects I had given her. We promptly fired her (she lasted less than 24 hours).