Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heard: Creative License and Lots of Ellipses

Yesterday, I edited an intern's blog post.  (Note that this intern cannot write at all.  Check out these actual sentences he wrote: "This term is being is used around the many countries. Its a discriminatory term.") I sent the edited document back and asked him if it looked okay. 

After a few minutes, he replied, "Um, I looked over it, and I'm not sure I can accept these edits. I usually write with more creative license and lots of ellipses, so how you changed it might not work for me. I'm going to sit on it for a while, and I'll get back to you. I am in a master's degree program, you know, so I need to make sure I'm writing in a way that makes the most sense to me."

This should be a fun summer.