Saturday, June 08, 2013

Heard: Clickety Clack

It's a Friday afternoon and, being the era of the modern intern (where they are paid and appreciated but must stay the full 40 hours per week), our intern was lolling around with nothing to do.  Typically, he's fine.  What was not cool, though, was the clickety-clack of the retractable ballpoint said intern was holding which grew progressively faster with each minute of idle intern's mounting boredom. Unfortunately, I was working on a legal memo to meet a quickly approaching federal agency's filing deadline. 

Then, the crushing blow: no blue pens at the fax machine (yikes!) with which to hand-sign and dash off to meet my last-minute filing deadline.  Well, come to find out, the idle intern (not allowed to perform menial tasks yet underqualified to undertake many substantive ones) had mistaken these shiny plastic writing tools for toys, squirreling them away at his desk like poker chips.  Maybe he plans to cash them in for a bonus at summer's end?  Nota bene: the office supplies are not party favors, folks!  Yes, we value our cheap blue pens, but please don't hold them for ransom.  If you just hold out a little, I promise there is way better swag to be had in life than a 3" x 5" sticky pad.