Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heard: Sexy and They Know It

Last week in a Senate cafeteria, my coworker and I overheard two Senate intern girls giggling with each other, apparently over some frozen yogurt.  Even some distance away, their entire gossipy conversation was audible, and we made out the girls saying:
Intern 1: “Ugh! This caramel sauce pours so slowly!!!”
Intern 2: “Yeah, but it’s so sexy!”
Intern 1: “Yeah, just like Senator X!”
Next time, girls, try to control the volume of your conversations, and please, don’t compare ice cream toppings to respectable, elected officials.

Spotted: Say Cheese!

This morning, my colleagues and I, along with some constituents, were making our way over to the Capitol complex aboard the Senate subway, when lo and behold, we spotted an intern, her grey badge visible, snapping photos of herself aboard the train car in front.  Even amongst our audible laughs, the intern continue snapping away, the iPhone flash illuminating her and her badge as she continued striking various poses, oblivious to the silliness of blog-worthy actions.

Heard: Hope They Had Good Hold Music

Today a new intern started in our office. She seemed nervous but clever (she attends a highly regarded university).  We decided she was ready to pick up the phones.  The first call she answered happened to be the Congressman, who always just says "hi, it's [first name] can I speak to so and so."  Unfortunately, this intern did not bother to learn the first name of the Congressman and therefore had no idea who this was on the phone.  She preceded to question him about why he was calling and left him on hold for a solid two minutes. 

We spent the rest of afternoon teaching her basic facts about the Congressman (such as where the district is), only to have her exclaim at the end: "I'm still not sure why I need to know this."

Heard: US Geography 101

Hearing my home state mentioned by three interns in the Library of Congress, I was stricken by their lack of geographic acumen.  One asked another, who was evidently from Kentucky, where Kentucky was; if it was near Oklahoma.  The other asked if it was closer to Tennessee.  

Congratulations, interns: one of you was able to name one of the seven states bordering Kentucky.