Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spotted: Someecards Embraces Intern Season

Looks like joined the intern bandwagon this summer.  Some of our favorites are below:

Spotted: Stalkterns

The other day I was assigned to work on a project with one of the [Cabinet Agency] interns from another office.  We were over at the main building when he asked if I had been around the building.  I said I got a tour from an employee a week ago and asked him if he had taken a tour yet.  He said he hadn't but said he had walked around the building and got in trouble.  Being curious as to what kind of trouble he could get into walking the building I had to ask. 

With a proud look on his face he told me that him and another intern decided to go into the Cabinet Secretary's office to see it and see if they could take a picture with him. 

I almost laughed out loud.  I had heard this story earlier in the week.  They were stopped by the Secret Service, and were asked their names, who they work for and who their supervisor was.  Secret Service kicked them out of the building and followed through with a call to their supervisor.  I can only imagine the kind of lecture they got from their supervisor.  The next day the whole office was asking "did you hear about the stupid interns?  What were they thinking?"

Spotted: It's Deb

Spotted today in Foggy Bottom:  Intern (complete with badge), short black skirt suit, wearing a high, long, side ponytail.  I wonder if she makes boondoggles too.

Spotted: Nepotism Goes Both Ways

Today at work when a staffer questioned the legitimacy and quality of an intern's assignment with a one sentence response, the intern responded back with a numbered list:

"Only 2 & ½ hours late, recycled material, and varying fonts."

1.      No deadlines were ever assigned to me, I’ll take note though
2.      All this material is original and well-written/researched
3.      You have me on the varying fonts
4.      Other interns tell me your mother got you this job?

Spotted: Definitely Not Snooki

Spotted was the new batch of interns who proudly advertise that they're interning at the OFFICE OF SENATOR ______ on their Facebook page right next to the pictures of them passed out drunk in Adams Morgan and posts about how "today at work, I found out that Senator _______ doesn't like pickles on her sandwich and will make you get her another one.  Who knew she was such a diva?"  

As a favor to yourselves, keep your Facebook job description ambiguous - as Intern at United States Senate or House.