Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heard: How to Lose Your Internship

New intern's first week at work. A staffer in the office is going back to [City, State] for work. The intern overhears her talking about it and goes up to tell her that he knows where to get "some really good weed" in that area.

Heard: GOP

If you aren't certain what something stands for, or is, please Google it before you ask me. I don't want to explain to you what "The GOP" (pronounced rather than spelled) means.  I appreciate your willingness to learn. I would prefer you tried looking for the answers yourself first. You are sitting at a computer that is equipped with the internet.  Please continue to learn, but please do it more secretively.  I'll think you're smarter that way.

Spotted: Just the Tip?

One of our interns was cutting the ties off of the mail with the tip of the scissors (and I mean the very tip) right on my desk.  He struggled for about 20 seconds before I said "slide it further down," knowing that the blades are sharper/scissors are more effective that way...because I was taught that, along with how to properly use scissors, in kindergarten. He slid the scissors to the side, not forward, and tried again. I patiently replied, "no...slide them FORWARD." He was like "oh oh...okay thanks."

It is much more entertaining with visuals!  I couldn't help but shake my head and proceed to email everyone else in the office... "I JUST TAUGHT THE INTERN HOW TO USE SCISSORS."