Thursday, June 07, 2012

Spotted: Badges on Lapels

We've received a number of e-mails regarding male congressional interns strategically placing their badges on their suit lapels, so that the badge awkwardly sticks out right over the intern's upper chest.  As a public service announcement, and so that the newbies can avoid ridicule, interns, please take note and keep your badge hidden, or on your waist.  No need to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that you're an intern.  Despite what you may think, we do want you to blend in and enjoy your summer on the Hill.

Spotted: Take Your Badge to the Ball Game ...

Spotted last night was an intern, wearing a badge, on national television, at a Nats game.  He was wearing a suit (including the jacket) with badge on the lapel.  It was definitely gray.

[Editors Note:  we received a photo, so we can corroborate this story; however, we did not want to single out that individual.]

Heard: Katy Perry

Our office has a rule that interns cannot wear headphones.  It applies to staffers too, unless they're trying to watch the floor or a hearing closely.  Well, our intern who sits at the staff assistant desk apparently decided that since she is not allowed to wear headphones, she would listen to Katy Perry directly from her computer speakers ... loud enough for anyone to hear as they walk into our office.  Very professional.