Wednesday, June 06, 2012

From the Editors: Twitter Rules

For the past three years, we have operated under a cloak of strict anonymity with regard to all submissions.  This will continue for all e-mail submissions.  For Twitter submissions, however, we assume you give us permission to re-tweet anything you send our way.  Cheers!

Spotted: Only on the Hill Tumblr

We're loving this new tumblr and the many intern references:

Heard: Super Indie ... Urban Indie

Intern One: I'm being super indie today. After I take the metro home, I'm walking to that cafe and reading for like an hour.

Intern two: that's like super indie. But like urban indie. Yah! That's like awesome.

Intern Event: Town Tavern

From Town Tavern (located in Adams Morgan):

Friday, June 8th is Town Tavern's Intern Meet & Greet Party. We'll be kicking off Intern Week with a $10 All-You-Can-Drink Open Bar 10-11pm, and $3 domestic beer bottles and mixed rail drinks 10pm-close for all interns! All they have to do is show their intern badge or The Washington Center's Intern Week wristband to get these great specials.

Additionally, we're also starting our Intern Thursdays this week. $2 Tall Boys (16oz cans of beer) 5pm-midnight, every week, all summer long!

Town Tavern appreciates interns... even if their bosses don't :)

Heard: Caution: Really Cool Intern Prank

A few times a week we have a high school student come to our Senate office to intern.  After about four weeks here and getting to know the route to Senate Printing and Graphics, he asks another intern, "So I want to make a sign as a prank that makes fun of the girl driver who I carpool with because she nearly killed us this morning.  Do you think Printing and Graphics would be able to print me up a huge sign that reads "Caution: Asian Driver"? The other intern replies, "Yeah, sure. Why not give it a shot? They are pretty nice guys down there. I bet we could find some place in the Senate building that would make that for you."

So the high school intern heads out on this ridiculous mission and returns back eight minutes later.  He says "Apparently, Printing and Graphics is for only official government business only and to change that, an ammendment would have to be made.  I guess I'l have to talk to Senator XXX about this one.  I mean, I even offered to pay.  I guess I'll have to go find somewhere else to make my sign."
And thats the tale of the high school intern who couldn't believe that a United States Senate printing service wouldn't cater to his pranking escapades.

Spotted: Mo Labels . . . Mo Problems?

This video was brought to our attention by the group No Labels.  We're still not sure if it's serious: