Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Heard: Silly Thing Called the Preamble

(From a GOP office):
Intern 1: I went to Democracy Pizza. 
Intern 2: That’s "We The Pizza."
Intern 1: (quietly) Is it really Democratic?
Intern 2: Uh... I don't know, actually.

Heard: Government and Stuff

Overheard in a Hill office by staff.  An intern to a constituent on the phone: "Our office deals with, like, government and stuff."

Heard: Coat Check, Please.

Another intern and I became friends over the course of summer.  During her first week, she was asked to bring a document to the Republican House Cloakroom.  She took the task eagerly because it was important and she was the only intern who knew where this so-called Cloakroom was in the Capitol building.  While en route to her destination, I got a call from her.  As a former page myself, she needed help getting around.

Intern: I just brought this document to coat check and they wouldn't take it. 

Me: Why are you at coat check? 
Intern: I was told to go to the cloak room.  I thought they were the same thing.
Me: well, no.

If you don't know something, just say so.