Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heard: You Don't Pay Me Enough ... So, I'll Visit Ocean City

The internship program in the non-profit that I work for is quite unique.  Not only are typical DC intern tasks (like mail sorting and coffee) prohibited, but it offers them an opportunity to publish work under their name, and it's paid.   

My intern decided to finish her first week by casually declaring that that she'll be falling back to a part time schedule.  However, she believed that for 10-15 hours a week, full pay should be maintained.  I asked if her school had her attending lectures or additional classes.  Nope.

"I need to make the best of my time in this area. I need to visit New York and check out Ocean don't pay me enough to have a full schedule."

Dear Interns:  While you may get picked on or feel like you're being looked down upon, remember that your host office still has a necessary purpose for you.  Consider how many people you beat out for this opportunity.  Remember that your supervisor most likely started as an intern, too.  


  1. And they wonder why they're called the generation of entitlement

  2. What program is this? It sounds great!

  3. I would have escorted her to the door and told her not to come back. Getting fired now might actually make a positive difference for her.

  4. Yea, but $600 a month should never be considered "full time pay." Its slavery. Congratz to her for standing up to you.