Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Spotted: The Sprint and Smash

I was on the Red Line one evening during rush hour and decided that the train sitting at the platform was way too overcrowded for me to even attempt to get on.  (Seriously, I don't need to be able to feel the people next to me breathing.)  So I decided to wait until a less crowded train came through.  The crowded train was holding at the platform for a few minutes for scheduling adjustments and most everyone in the station seemed to have the same idea I did...  all except a very frazzled, overly excited intern who proceeded to sprint down the escalator, shrieking at the top of her lungs the entire way "STOP!!!!! DON'T CLOSE THE DOORS! WAIT FOR ME! DON'T CLOSE THE DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  She continued her sprinting and shrieking until she smashed into a crowded car of people, clearly pleased that she had made it.

The train then continued to sit there for at least another minute and a half, with the doors wide open.

So interns, please note:  Metro train doors don't work that way.  This isn't an elevator. Running and shrieking do not help if the doors are already closing, it only makes you look ridiculous.