Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Heard: That's Just Code for Killing People

The red line was delayed this morning.  While waiting for the train, I overheard a male intern talking to a female dressed in workout clothes.
Guy intern:  Yeah, like, those kids with oil money, it's like you know they killed someone or their parents killed someone.  They're like "my dad is the minster of housing" and you know that's just code for killing people.  Like, I would want to be the prince of Bahrain, but I wouldn't want to kill people... I'm jealous they're so rich.
Girl: ha ha
Guy intern: Like, EVERYONE at my school is so rich.  All the girls are like Jewish and have their daddies' Blackberries and they're like "Heyyy my name's Rachel."
Girl: ha ha. Yeah.
.... I couldn't hear them anymore ....
Guy intern: I don't do anything at my job.  It's like, GCHAT FACEBOOK CHAT BINGGGG!!!
Girl: That sucks.
Guy: Yeah.  It's less stressful that way though.  God, we're going to be so late.  These are our tax dollars!  Like, the metro sucks, it's so slow, especially on the weekends, it's so slow!  Like, 15 minutes for a train?!  The busses are slower.  I could just take a bus all the way to work, but I don't.