Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Heard: Mmmm Bop!

On my way into the CVC, I see two girls -- intern badges clearly present -- heading towards the house tunnel.  As they get closer, I hear them loudly singing an old Hanson (that 90s boy band) song: "MMMBop...bidi dapa doo wop, Doo bi dapa doo bob, Bidi dapa doo, yeah, yeah." They were even harmonizing!

I smirked, and figured I had seen the last of them. Boy was I wrong.

On my way back, I walked down the tunnel towards Longworth, surprised to see the girls skipping, frolicking, and laughing loudly as they headed towards the Capitol.

Girls, leave the singing to Hanson--if they still can sing.  Members of Congress who walk down that hallway surely do not want to hear your harmonization.