Thursday, June 02, 2011

Event: Kellys' Irish Times Intern Happy Hour

Spotted: This Little Piggy Ran Down the Escalator on the Wrong Side

Although I have read this blog for years, I've always been quite skeptical of some of the stories posted; perhaps I have too much faith in humanity, or just plain old human decency. A recent run in with some interns changed this.

I was walking down the escalator at Dupont Circle on Tuesday night when I heard quite the commotion further up. As I looked back, I could see two pairs of interns - badges ever the giveaway - racing down the escalators piggy-back style. One of them shouted, "It's walk left stand right, right? F*** that!" 

Needless to say, I started walking at a decent clip just to avoid these jokers.

Heard: Dodd-Frank What?

Quote from a Senate-side intern talking to a constituent on the phone:  “I’m sorry sir but no one in this office knows what the Dodd-Frank bill is.”

Spotted: Kissing Ass, Taking Names?

I'm the internship coordinator a lobbying firm, and one of our interns had the unfortunate mistake of leaving the lowest privacy settings on Facebook, so the President of our company was privy to the following description of her internship which was promptly blasted around the office:

"i run errands whenever possible so i can expend some energy and check out business hotties and figure out this city, i listen to hearings and type inhumanly fast to write down every word people say, and i kiss a lot of ass."