Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heard: Un-PC in DC

We have a new intern and on his first day he has already distinguished himself as the most obnoxious intern ever. And he's looking for a job, so watch out D.C. All of these quotes are from his first day. I'm sure we'll have more (unless we fire him).

Intern: How old do you think [insert name of two asian staffers] are?
Staffer: Not sure, upper 20s maybe 30.
Intern: No effing way, SERIOUSLY?
Staffer: Yes.
[Ten minutes later two staffers come over]
Intern: Ohmygod, I refuse to believe your'e that old, you look so young"
[Awkward pause]
Intern: You people seriously never age, do you?

Staffer: Hey [intern] can you help run mics right now for this event.
Intern: *Sigh*, can i get them next time? I'm reading this really interesting article in FP right now and want to finish it.

Spotted: Intern Happy Hour - Asia Nine

Intern Happy Hour - Asia Nine - June 8th

Heard: Chief of ... Staff?

I was in line to get my ID badge and I overheard two interns having a conversation.

Intern Male: "Check out my badge, doesn't it look good?"
Intern Female: "Don't have it so we can see your face when you wear it, you don't want people to know we are interns."
Intern Male: "Good point, maybe they will think I'm a chief of staff or something like that if I turn it around."

I'm glad they are catching on. Last I checked, all chiefs-of-staff were in their early 20s.

Heard: Flagpole Sitta

From an Intern on the House side of the Capitol: "Totally thought that when they said you can buy a flag that was flown over the capitol they meant in an airplane..."

Heard: Intern Lessons

Last year, I had the privilege of serving as an intern on the Hill. It was one of the best experiences of my life. This year, I'm returning to DC to intern for a think tank and am really looking forward to reading the blog again. This blog helped me avoid the damaging mistake of wearing my red badge of courage outside of the office and confirmed to me that I was indeed making the right wardrobe choices, however conservative they may have been. I'm very happy to be headed back to DC, and look forward to reading this blog all summer.


A very happy reader