Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spotted: Red Badge of Courage No More

Editors Note: It has come to our attention that as of the 112th Congress, the red badge of courage is no more. We like to think our little blog had something to do with the color change, but what do we know. We have been told that staff badges are now yellow (not green) and interns badges are grey (not red). Makes them a bit more difficult to spot, but as we have learned, it is the behavior, not the color of the badge that is the telltale sign.

One month and counting until Intern Season officially begins again. We hope that newbie interns will take a moment to read these stories and learn what not to do.

Heard: We Always Love Good Stories

Editors Note: Thank you for the positive feedback. If you have personal stories regarding how this blog shaped your life as an intern, please share them!



First, I just want to say that I love this blog and have been following it since I was a wee little intern in DC.

Second, as a past DC intern I just want to say that I learned so much from this blog and what to do or not do as an intern. There are a vast majority of interns who actually go to DC to learn from the people who take us in as interns and appreciate everything they do for us and teach us. However, this blog taught me proper social etiquette and I hope that it continues to inform all those other interns who eagerly want to be a GOOD DC intern!

Best wishes,

A happy follower and former intern :)

Spotted: Bullseye!

Spotted at a Starbucks, proudly displaying her badge of courage.

Dear slightly attractive girl standing in front of me at Starbucks,

I know that you are an intern for some congressperson; I heard you yell it to the cashier as if it was going to impress the rest of us. I know that your are going to graduate in less than a month, and the job market is really tough. But FYI.....there is no tramp stamp that helps a person get a job... just thought ya should know.

You are welcome.

Heard: Wrong Charles in Charge

Long Time Reader, First Time Poster.

First, I should clarify that I have yet to ascend from the lower-than-lowly rank of intern. With the help you guys have provided with "what not to do," I hope to make that transition soon. So thanks for that.

Spotted: (or, rather, heard?) A poorly-kept secret of Capitol Staff Tours - not necessarily everything you hear on Staff Tours is 100% true. For instance, while I was giving a tour today, in the Old Senate Chamber, I overheard a (presumably) Republican intern describe in vivid detail what he called the "Caning of Senator Charles Schumer."

Now, this story, to my ears, sounded eerily similar to the infamous caning of Senator Charles Sumner...