Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heard: Senate versus Congress

My roommate and I went out for drinks at a bar in Georgetown.  It being early June and the start of the summer hillterns, we weren't surprised by the seemingly young crowd at the bar.  One young man approached us (as had a handful of other barely 21-year-olds) and asked if we lived in DC.  He was a senior in college, a born and raised DC native, and interning at some consulting firm.  He asked if we were interns on the Hill (we are both in our mid-20s and former Hill interns), and we obliged and said yes we had had our stints in Congress.  Eager to strut his vast knowledge of the Hill, we had the following exchange:

Intern: So did you intern in the Senate or in Congress?
Me: You mean did I intern in the Senate or the House?
Intern: Nooo, I mean were you in the Senate or Congress?
Me: I was in the House.
Intern: So you were in Congress, right?

Not only is it bad enough that there are still adults that do not understand what Congress is, but the fact that he grew up in DC and went to a decent school really makes me question some of these college degrees that are being handed out.