Sunday, June 05, 2011

Heard: Are YOU an Intern?

Not quite one of your usual stories, however:

I was at the Hawk and Dove this evening with some friends (post-concert dinner/drinks), and had to wash my hands.  I was getting ready to exit the bathroom when I met somebody coming in - we had the following (admittedly approximated) exchange.

HIM: Are you an intern?
ME:, I'm not...
HIM: Oh, sorry.
ME: after a pause Are you looking for someone to put up on that intern blog?
HIM: Uh...yes, actually.

Now, I'm not sure what I might have done to warrant being mentioned on your blog.  Perhaps the little hole in the back of my shirt, but that wasn't there this morning and I didn't have another shirt to change into, so I do have a defense.

Thanks for the laughs - they are much appreciated.

-A (sub)contract employee with no interns in sight