Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Event: InternsROCK!

In 2010 The Washington Center launched the first InternsROCK! a city-wide appreciation week.  The initiative honors approximately 20,000 interns who come to the nation’s capital each year to test-drive their careers at local businesses nonprofits and government agencies.  Last year, 60 restaurants, museums, sporting venues, concert halls and boutique retail outlets came together and offered a variety of discounts to all interns in Washington, D.C.

In its second year, InternsROCK! will be held from June 10th through June 19th and the program has been expanded to include more partnerships with community businesses and several special events.  

All Washington DC interns can take advantage of this event at no cost.  Here’s more information about the event.

WHO?  All interns are eligible for receive discounts free of charge.  In order to qualify, they’ll need to pick-up a wristband that they’ll have to show to receive the discounts. Interns will need to show proof of internship when picking-up the wristband at TWC.  They can bring a letter from the supervisor, a written note, e-mail confirmation, etc.

HOW?  Wristbands are available this week.  Visit our site to see times, dates and locations:http://www.internsrockdc.com/interns

For questions, please contact TWC at:
Visit our website: www.internsrockdc.com
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Use our official hashtag on Twitter: #internsrock
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