Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heard: Un-PC in DC

We have a new intern and on his first day he has already distinguished himself as the most obnoxious intern ever. And he's looking for a job, so watch out D.C. All of these quotes are from his first day. I'm sure we'll have more (unless we fire him).

Intern: How old do you think [insert name of two asian staffers] are?
Staffer: Not sure, upper 20s maybe 30.
Intern: No effing way, SERIOUSLY?
Staffer: Yes.
[Ten minutes later two staffers come over]
Intern: Ohmygod, I refuse to believe your'e that old, you look so young"
[Awkward pause]
Intern: You people seriously never age, do you?

Staffer: Hey [intern] can you help run mics right now for this event.
Intern: *Sigh*, can i get them next time? I'm reading this really interesting article in FP right now and want to finish it.