Monday, August 02, 2010

DC Summer Interns Twitter Account

We are excited to announce our DC Summer Intern Twitter account. You can reach us @dcsummerinterns. Thank you for being loyal followers! - The Editors

Heard: Weird Skin Condition

Heard: It's not making friends its networking (in a House Office Building bathroom):

Intern 1: "I have been in DC a whole month and only made one friend! I am such a loser!"
Intern 2: "It's called networking here, that's why."
-awkward pause-
Intern 2: " I have this weird skin condition"
-discussion of creepy skin condition goes on for a few moments-
Intern1 "ughhh i need deodorant"

Perhaps the reason you have only "networked" with 1 person, is due to your public discussions of how insecure you are, how you have possible contagious skin conditions and body odor. I can't possible imagine why people aren't flocking to you.

Heard: Heat Always Rises

In a Senate Office Building this morning, four interns (three girls, one guy) got on the elevator at the ground floor level after getting some coffee. One of the girls says "Brrrr it's always so cold down here." Unaware that A/C could be the culprit, the guy chose to flex his muscle as a wellspring of knowledge and replied "yeah, well, heat always rises."

When I looked at him like he was an idiot, he amended his statement with "I mean, that could be one explanation for it."

Spotted: Lucite Heels?

Spotted in a House Office Building:

Sweet young intern... wearing three-inch lucite heels, a see through yellow shirt...and a khaki skirt so tight I could see she was wearing a lace thong.

Who teaches these girls how to dress?

Heard: You Can Do It Unanimously!

Was on the metro one evening and seated across from two friends, a girl and guy. The former was very loudly telling her friend that she was returning from a fundraising event for the senator for whom she interns. The girl said that as she was collecting donations a young attendee told her he wanted to donate to the (democratic) senator but was afraid his parents would find out because they are conservative republicans. So, as a solution she told him he could donate UNANIMOUSLY (she was yelling) and his parents would never find out! To demonstrate her excitement for coming up with such a solution she repeated unanimously several times. Her friend look very impressed - the rest of the metro passengers, less so.