Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heard: Classic Story

Being a GWU student spending my second summer in DC (not on the Hill), I am used to the interns and their antics. Yesterday I was walking west down F Street (going away from the White House) behind an intern in a suit listening to him talk very loudly on the phone. These are some excerpts:

"Yeah Mom, it's crazy how much I have an influence on the things that go on around the office."

"Yeah I'm on my way to the White House right now (he wasn't - note that he was walking west) for some big important meeting. I think Biden's gonna be there."

"Because I'm from California, I'm kind of in the upper tier of interns around the Hill."

"Yeah I've met most of the senators. I help out A LOT."

and then the clincher...

"No I don't think they're gonna start paying me."