Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heard: Staffers Make Mistakes, Too

(I know this is a blog about intern gaffes, but I think this is equally deserving of public eye-rolling.)

Talking to my friend one day this Spring, she informed me that her boss is up for reelection this year, and asked if my boss is also. We're both House staffers.

Heard: Check your Facts (and don't speak so loud in the halls)

Hi DC Intern Blog,

As a current and former intern, I have enjoyed your stories about my oh-so-important counterparts. I know as an intern, I have less credibility when attacking other interns, but I really had to share this story. Just for the record, though, you will never see me wearing my red badge at any Hill bar or anywhere in the DC area on a day when the House is out of session.

This week I was walking through Cannon, minding my own business when I overheard a young lady describing a man she had met. the description went as follows, "yeah... he looked like Eric Holder, only he was black." I stop, do a quick double take, look at this girl, and sure enough, hanging from a silver chain necklace around her neck is her little red badge of pride. *sigh* I guess no one has ever told her that our Attorney General is in fact, African American.

It's interns like this that give all of us a bad reputation.

Thanks for the laughs, it's always a comic relief reading your stories!

Spotted: It's Creepy

I was just in the elevator, heading back to my office. Because I had just been in the Capitol, I had my staff ID badge clipped to my hip (which normally stays in my bag, for good reason). As the doors closed the male intern (wearing his red badge proudly around his neck) proceeds to bend over and stare at my badge. When he noticed the quizzical look I was giving him he perked up and said "oh I was just reading your badge. I'm from Congresswoman Xs office," at which point he beamed and held up his red badge as though I was supposed to be impressed. My sarcastic reply was something along the lines of "yeah, I earned my staff badge about a year ago." To which he got mad and huffed about only having just started two weeks ago, as he stormed out of the elevator.

Here are a few tips: (1) My badge is green, it means I'm staff so I'm really not impressed with your intern status. I have like a dozen interns in my own office with whom to deal. (2) I do not walk around with my badge on to show off that I work here, or for whom I work. I was wearing it to get through security in the Cannon tunnel so I can enter the Capitol to do my job. (3) If you are curious as to who I work for/what I do...just ask. Don't stare down at my hip area, its creepy.

Spotted: Magnetometer Mishap

Dear Clueless Intern in the Security Line,

In future if you are going to go through the magnetometer in the staff only entrance without your ID, then proceed to block everyone ability to get into the building, could you please not ask me to push the button for you in the elevator I have graciously held open for you?

Thanks so much.

Aggravated Staffer