Sunday, September 05, 2010

Spotted: Apparently Visa Really Is Everywhere You Want To Be

I am an intern in a House office, and my tour training was put off for several weeks due to an overflow of interns that could handle tours. When I finally attended tour training, we were sent on a tour of the CVC (Capitol Visitors Center) to learn the layout. We all grouped up in Emancipation Hall and listened while our tour guide began his speech. I was observing my fellow interns and noticed a girl looking very self conscious. At first, I thought it was her appearance, which in and of itself wasn't terribly embarressing (minus her hair, which seemed to be absolutely saturated with hairspray), until I finally noticed what she had noticed. She was in a sea of interns all of whom had already recieved their Red Badges of Courage, while she had not. The panic on her face grew more and more visible as she searched each person for their badge. Eventually, she gave into peer pressure and reached into her purse, pulled out her Visa card, turned it around, placed it in a case (which, tellingly, she already owned) and clipped it to her waist. She looked up, proud of her good idea and continued on her way. As bad as this is, (and as much as I wish a Capitol Police officer had stopped her) the kicker is in the CVC, one does not even need a hill badge to enter or walk around. It's entirely open to the public.