Sunday, September 05, 2010

Heard: Charmed, I'm Sure

One of our interns is pretty big on himself. Didn't see fit to hold the door for himself during the fire drill, letting staffers ahead and behind do the honors. Next, he decided to get chummy with the constituents by phone, offering wisecracking retorts in response to their concerns. But, today, dear intern, today, you took the cake.

As I was headed out for lunch, he entered the area where I had been working. He noticed that the handbag I brought with me today (which happens to be large enough to accommodate my shorts for the Senate gym) didn't exactly match my slacks. Okay, good for you if you minored in queer eye for the straight guy during your recent sojourn through college, but did you really have to announce at the top of your lungs: "Your purse and pants clash!"

Maybe you should have invested in a little Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends & Influence People, instead. . . I'm kind of thinking that wasn't among the tips your relative (who got you this job) offered in how to get ahead here.