Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spotted: It's The End of the World!

Picture Credit to Witness #1

Editor's Note: These are 2 separate witness accounts.

Wednesday's bomb threat on 19th and F left 100 or so college students in suits on lockdown in a GW dorm all morning. The highlight was the sign someone posted by the officer at the front door:

It's a BOMB. Go back to your room, wait, calm down, and put away your red badge. No one cares how much you do for this country.
-Everyone else"

This morning, there was a bomb scare on F and 19th street. As a result, security officers came Mitchell (a GW dorm on 19th street) to prevent anyone from leaving, presumably to protect us from the bomb. Since nobody really knew what was going on, it was pretty stressful, and scary. The security officer didn't seem to know anything, but we kept hearing that there may have been a real bomb.

In spite of the fear that some interns, myself included, felt for our lives, other interns had other worries. I was astounded at the number of people who thought that their red badges would convince the security guard that they "really had to leave" and had "important work to get done." I couldn't figure out why so many people would elect to sit in the lobby for like four hours to wait when it was hot and crowded and gross, so I actually asked a group why they didn't just wait in their rooms. One girl, of course sporting a red badge, looked at me self-importantly and said, "Because I have to go to work as soon as we're allowed to leave."

Someone finally taped a sign up by the door that said the following:

"Guys. It's a BOMB. Put away your red badges and calm down, nobody cares."

I really don't understand why interns think they are so important. Last I checked, the threat of death is a little more imminent than your office's urgent need for someone to lick their stamps.