Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spotted: Is it Obvious, Is it Obvious? Red Solo Cup, Please!

The Scene: Annual Congressional Baseball Game, concession stand

3 tiny girls in tiny jean shorts, 2 young guys

Girl 1: I love your Nobama shirt!
Guy 1: Thanks!
Guy 2: Yeah, we work for XYZ Republican
Girl 1: No way! We work for ABC Republican Organization!
Girl 2, approaching with a beer: Am I so obvious? Do I look obvious? Do I look old enough to be drinking this?
Girl 1: You totally look old enough.
Girl 2: I think I should ask for a cup that isn't clear, then it won't be so obvious...? I think the clear cup is obvious.
Girl 1, to concession worker: Can she have a red cup?
Girl 2: $4.50 for a HOT DOG?!

Concession worker: We only have clear cups...